In addition to my consults with my physicians, I have relied heavily on information through multiple resources to make an informed decision before deciding on my pre-pregnancy transabdominal cerclage. I highly recommend you do the same. Here is a sample of medical journals, blogs, reviews of doctors, and message boards that I have read. I searched the internet for various terms such as cervical insufficiency, incompetent cervix, transvaginal cerclage, transabdominal cerclage.

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I will continue to update as I find more information.


Medical Journal and Papers to Review



Laparoscopic Placement of Cervical Cerclage


Prediction of Outcome for Transabdominal Cerclage in Women with Cervical Insufficiency


Transabdominal Cerclage


Outcome of patients undergoing transabdominal cerclage: a descriptive study.


Transabdominal cerclage


Patients with a prior failed transvaginal cerclage: a comparison of obstetric outcomes with either transabdominal or transvaginal cerclage.


Cervical Insufficiency

*Note: You will notice in reviewing the article below that it does not specify a transabdominal cerclage as an option for cervical insufficiency. This article reflects the standard of care  majority of OB/GYN’s and MFM will use to manage cervical insufficiency. There is other relevant content in here that may be useful to you. The reason why I even highlight this article is because it demonstrates how important it is to cross-reference your information and not to rely solely on what physicians say, what journals say, what blogs say. Be informed. Research and read as much information as possible and consult with various specialists.*


Message Boards 

A God send of a community for women who have experienced second trimester loss and are looking to connect with women about the transabdominal cerclage procedure. I have spent hours on this site, reading old posts from years ago, reading new posts, and most recently, being brave enough to add my own story and thanking women for sharing their stories about their rainbow babies after receiving a TAC. I feel so blessed to have found this site. You will have to request for access to the site from the board moderators but they are very responsive.


Clinical Trials 

Abbyloopers has a fantastic list of doctors who are experienced in the TAC all over the world, however, I realize there are countries that may not have experienced physicians for  patients cervical insufficiency. A clinical trial is another option and you may find a trial or physician who is experienced in a location near you.



Dr. Haney at the University of Chicago 

Dr. Haney is consistently identified as one most experienced physicians in placing the TAC. Read about him and I suggest you reach out to him yourself. He is highly responsive via email.


Personal Blogs that have been extremely helpful on my journey  of infant loss and cervical insufficiency 

The loss of a child is a rare and profound experience that not many people can relate too. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable to open up one’s broken heart to share with the world. These authors of the blogs below are women I have never met but have admired from afar for sharing their experience with infant loss and cervical insufficiency. Thanks to women like them, I was able to discover that I was not alone and that there truly is life after loss.